Video Services

Soccer Videography

Soccer game footage is now an indispensable component of the game as an aid to Player Development, Scouting, Promotion and Fan Engagement. We use High Definition cameras and modular filming equipment to get the height required to capture your game properly. Our knowledge of the game combined with trained eyes allow us to apply the proper zoom to the field of play to meet viewer objectives. The result is high quality game footage that is dynamic and highly "watchable". Soccer facilities around the Greater Toronto Area and within Ontario vary widely. We have panoramic video towers that extend to 14 ft, 20 ft or 30 ft. We also have tripods, monopods and various hardware to ensure we have the flexibility to work where your game is played.

Player Development / Match Analysis

For coaches or sports analysts who want to use game footage for analysis or for instruction, the video needs to be shot from a wide angle and at a high vantage point. We recommend our tallest video tower (30 ft) to provide a high and wide view of the game.

Scouting / Showcases

Soccer tournament showcases are hosted every year both during the outdoor and indoor season. These events are designed to showcase top level youth teams to coaches in North American universities and Colleges. Indoor soccer venues pose a unique challenge as facilities are space constrained. Our modular filming equipment can adapt to these conditions to maximize the viewing quality of the final video. The result is higher quality footage that scouts can use to review players even after the event.

Promotion / Player Highlight Reels

Top youth teams that would like increase their competitiveness in their league, and support their players' desire to play at the next level whether it be in university, professionally or at a higher division can benefit from building a portfolio of games that they can use for coaching and creating player highlight reels. We recommend our 14 ft and 20 ft towers as they provide a good balance that shows highly "watchable" game footage that coaches can also use for training.

You can find sample Player Highlight and Recruitment Videos on this link.

Video Processing and Distribution



Player Highlight and Recruitment Videos

For players who are looking to progress their soccer aspirations, whether to play for a top university, try out for a professional club or be considered for a national team, a highlight and recruitment video is an indispensable tool in showcasing a player's skills and playing style to coaches.

You can find sample Player Highlight and Recruitment Videos on this link.

Match Highlights

For soccer organizations, leagues or teams looking to engage with their fans and demonstrate their brand of soccer, we create match highlights that can deliver the message quickly and effectively. You can find sample match highlights here:

SAAC YouTube Page

2017 League 1 Ontario AllStar Game vs PLSQ


Action Photography

Team and Individual Photos