Soccer is the biggest participation sport in Canada with over 845,000 registered players. Following the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA ranked Canada No. 118, pushing our country's soccer reputation lower. Meanwhile, our American neighbors are steadily improving with a respectable 15th spot, just one below Italy.

In Ontario, the soccer landscape is getting more fragmented. There are over 288,000 registered youth players in the province. The promise of a centralized high performance youth league through the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) environment has not materialized due to the exclusion of the academies and large soccer clubs. The need to create a pathway between the youth soccer system and the pro ranks has resulted in the formation of League 1 Ontario. In the meantime the Canadian Soccer League continuous to operate its own soccer structure.

This is creating confusion for soccer families with players wanting to choose the right organization to get proper development and experience.

Soccer organizations are now faced with the challenge to attract and retain the best players in Ontario's fractured soccer environment. Leagues, clubs and academies will need to step up their game to attract and maintain elite players and their families looking for the right development environment. Furthermore, leagues and soccer organizations need to step up their marketing efforts to develop a vibrant fan base which is essential to grow the sport locally.

SoccerDad provides media services to help soccer organizations promote their team and define their brand of soccer. We use custom-built soccer video equipment to provide visual content that captures the excitement of the game. We use professional cameras to capture high impact images for organizations wanting to show a more professional image. Our 30 ft Panoramic Video Tower provides visual footage to help coaches teach the game  to aid in technical development.

For players and their families looking to pursue their soccer aspirations whether through scholarship, a national team or a professional career, SoccerDad produces high quality player highlight videos to get noticed by coaches and scouts who are not locally accessible.